Frequently asked questions

Does Tamworth Games Club play Video Games and run LANs?
While we do play video games, Tamworth games club is for tabletop gaming, that involves card games, board games, miniatures etc. No computers sorry.

Can I bring a game to the club?
Yes you can! We encourage it as long as it is a card, board, miniature game or any other kind of tabletop game.

I don't have any gaming equipment or games, can I still come?
Yes you can! We hope you do. We have a lot of miniatures, games, cards, dice, scenery etc available to borrow so you can try some games out before dropping a lot of money on them!

I can't game at home, am I allowed to bring my friends and game at the club?
Yes you can! It's why the club exists. We have plenty of spare tables and room for you to run your own game of something if needed!

Can you teach me or someone I know to play Dungeons and Dragons? Or any game?
Yes, we have a good handful of experience gamers who are more than happy to teach you any of the games we play. We often set our games up so new people can come in and out without a hassle!

Do you guys play Yugioh, Pokemon, Risk, Cards Against Humanity or any of those games?
We all play lots of different games so it's hard to say, while some of us may not play any of those games a few of us might. It'd be worth joining our facebook group and asking or just coming down and asking around.

How much is entry?
Five Dollars.

Who made this website?
One of our occasional club attenders and fellow gamer Jack! Check out his website here

Is Jar Jar Binks really a Sith Lord?
... search your feelings. 
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